Government Affairs InternMaryland Chamber of Commerce

Major: CCJS & GVPT

Class Year: 2022

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What was a typical week like in your internship position?

A typical week in my internship position is shorter than the normal week (I only work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I can take classes at UMD on Tuesday and Thursday!). While I am at the office though, I normally start with bill tracking on legislation the Chamber is following (especially relating to Labor and Employment/Taxation) and notifying key members of the office about upcoming bill hearings (there’s hearings in both the Senate and the House, so we normally have a lot of dates to keep track of). In addition to this, I can be tasked with writing testimony for certain bills that have been assigned a hearing, reviewing legislation from previous years, and working on press releases/documents for Chamber members regarding important pieces of information. I also occasionally sit in on Zoom meetings for our Chamber committees and General Assembly committee hearings since everything is virtual now!



What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I really enjoy reading up on the bills that are currently going through the Maryland General Assembly and learning about how they impact all aspects of Maryland (whether it’s businesses, individuals, organizations, etc.). I was never really exposed to the bills and laws that impact Maryland (most of my coursework focused on the federal government and the legislation that passes through there) but it’s been refreshing to have a position that lets me work more in depth with a more personal aspect of politics.



How did your coursework help you in your internship?

Part of my position requires me to prepare and write testimony on behalf of the Chamber on bills we track. I’ve always prided myself on my writing ability but being able to take my professional writing class (ENGL392) during the fall really helped prepare me for writing in a professional setting. The lessons I learned and the techniques I practiced have really helped me in during this crucial part of my internship.



How did you locate your internship position?

It’s actually a really funny story! I had applied for a position with the Norwegian embassy within the U.S. State Department for Spring 2021 and was accepted. Around the time I was doing my background check, it occurred to me COVID wasn’t going away any time soon and traveling may not be allowed. So I started scrolling through the CCJS, GVPT, and BSOS blogs to try to figure out what my background plan for Spring 2021 might be and I stumbled across the Maryland Chamber of Commerce’s internship position. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, focused on government affairs (which was what I was looking for) and wouldn’t be an issue in regard to COVID, so I applied! 




Advice for students:

One of my biggest pieces of advice would be to search for an internship that works for you! While you go through the interview process, it may seem like you’re trying to fit yourself into what the company or organization is looking for, but it’s just as important that the place you intern at fits what you’re looking for. The first internship I applied for was during my freshman year. With my academic schedule and upcoming plans, it wasn’t the best fit for me and, instead of trying to fit myself into what they wanted, I took a step back and evaluated if it was the best opportunity at the time. You may find opportunities that seem perfect but as you continue with the process, you realize they don’t work for you. It is totally ok to realize that and continue searching. UMD and BSOS have so many resources for potential internships and jobs, so checking those out is a big help if you’re ever feeling stuck!



I was super anxious that I wasn’t qualified or wouldn’t have the experience for my internships, but I had no reason to be. Part of many internships is getting that initial experience and continuing your education outside the classroom. If you receive an internship or job offer, that means they saw something in you and you should see it too! It’s a learning process and as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there and give it your best, you’ll succeed in a position meant for you.