Legal Staff Assistant, Andalman & Flynn

Major: ECON & PPE

Minor: French Studies

Class Year: 2022





What was a typical week like in your internship position?

A typical week varied as I assisted wherever I was needed. Some days, I would manage case files and file pleadings in court. Other days, I attended court hearings, team meetings, and/or training seminars. I also ordered office supplies, drafted emails, edited documents, and assisted in general legal research.



What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I enjoyed working in a legal setting, getting to interact with everyone at the office and at court, and learning from others’ experiences.



How did your coursework help you in your internship?

I had not yet had coursework that was directly applicable to the internship at the time. However, college coursework in general aided in my understanding of how to perform unfamiliar tasks and how to pose relevant questions to experts in the legal field.



How did you locate your internship position?

I participated in the University Career Center’s “Intern for a Day” program and reached out several months later to the attorney I shadowed, requesting consideration for an internship with her firm.



Advice for students:

Research the internship site beforehand and never be afraid to ask questions. Having an internship is an invaluable opportunity to get a first-hand look at what interests you and what you may be doing post-graduation.



My internship experience was vital for me because it made me sure that law school is my definite next step. Internships are such a great way of confirming career aspirations or even transforming them.