Summer InternChildren’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County

Major: PSYC & GVPT

Class Year: 2022

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What was a typical week like in your internship position?

At the Children’s Learning Centers of Fairfield County (CLC) my primary focus was on training educators at CLC and creating training materials for them that centered around navigating their new online learning platform (G-Suite for Education). A typical week included creating presentations/how to guides on various tasks that educators would be using in their classrooms, virtually meeting with educators to conduct training sessions, and meeting with other interns to ensure that the training program and knowledge transfer was running smoothly.



What do you enjoy most about your current position?

One of the things that I enjoyed the most about this position was being able to help the educators in my community during such a tough and confusing period of time for them (the transition from in person to online teaching). I also really enjoyed being able to work with/meet so many new people and constantly learn from them.



How did your coursework help you in your internship?

Throughout my time at UMD I have had to take multiple courses that required me to complete my work using Google tools. This background really helped when I was creating training materials for educators because I was very familiar with the subject matter that I had to teach. The courses that I took at UMD also helped because in many of them I had to work on a team to create a solution to a problem that was posed to the class. These teamwork and problem solving skills that I developed in these classes helped throughout my time at CLC.



How did you locate your internship position?

I was lucky enough to use the network that I have built to obtain this internship at CLC.



Advice for students:

One piece of advice that I have for students is to go into every new experience with an open mind. You never know where or when you are going to learn something new and that idea definitely holds true when you have an internship. I was constantly learning new things throughout my time at CLC that I know will continue to benefit me in the future.