HR Intern, Kelly Gilmour

Major: PSYC

Minor: Statistics

Class Year: 2022

LinkedIn Profile



What was a typical week like in your internship position?

During the week, I am assigned to certain projects, such as listening in on candidate interviews or reviewing applications. I also perform advocacy efforts, such as emailing my congressmen and campaigning for a certain bill, because the position is apart of a non-profit organization.



What did you enjoy most about the position?

I thoroughly enjoy learning and understanding the recruitment process. My employer would assign multiple tasks that allow me to experience hands-on the step-by-step process of accepting or rejecting a candidate for a position at the organization.



How did your coursework help you in your internship?

My coursework has prepared me for a basic understanding of the recruitment process, such as reviewing resumes. Additionally, my experience in basic research was useful when certain tasks required researching platforms and college outreach in order to expand our network about our current positions.



How did you locate your internship position?

I was able to find my internship position through LinkedIn. I was simply exploring the organizations on LinkedIn and happened to stumble across The Borgen Project, where I interned. I was really interested in their values and their project so I decided to find them on Google and happened to see that they were posting positions so I then applied! 



Advice for students:

Don't be afraid to ask questions if something does not make sense. Additionally, if there is something you would like to experience during your internship, do not be afraid to ask.