1. Students must meet with the department advisor and obtain the change/addition of major form with appropriate signatures and stamps. Departmental advisor contacts

      2. Students then attend the Academic Planning Workshop online  at: bsosworkshops.umd.edu

      3. Students will submit the change/addition of major form with a completed academic-plan online to the bsosmajorchange@umd.edu

      4.  Major change or addition of second major may take approximately 15 - 20 business days to process. 

      5. Students on academic probation/dismissal and other designated student populations will be required to schedule an appointment with an advisor to process the major change.


Students wishing to add a second major or degree must be in good academic standing at the University of Maryland.

The university encourages students to complete their degrees in four years or 130 credits. Students wishing to declare a second major or degree will need to complete a plan that demonstrates their ability to successfully complete the major requirements in eight (8) semesters (four years).