Looking for an academic advising form? Be sure to note and follow the steps described on the form. Feel free to be in touch with your advisor if you have questions.

Official Audit Worksheet 
Students going abroad must have an Academic Audit completed. Many students will be emailed about their academic audit. Occasionally, students with their department and college advisors will need to facilitate the process using this form as part of their preparations to study abroad..

Benchmark Appeal Form
If students do not meet their benchmarks, they may appeal. This form must be submitted within 2 weeks of notification of the dismissal from the major.

Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) Appeal Form
1) Current LEP students may submit an appeal form for an exception to the gateway requirements, 2.0 GPA policy or the repeat policy. This form must be submitted to the Undergraduate Director of the LEP department.
2) Students wishing to gain admission to the major may submit an appeal form for an exception to: the repeat policy, repeat application policy, or to return to the major. This form and supporting documents must be submitted to the Feller Center -  Advising via email to: bsoslepappeal@umd.edu.

Four Year Academic Plans for all BSOS Majors

Undergraduate Registering for Graduate Course

Dean's Certification Letters - or Dean's Recommendation, if requested for Internship, Employer, or Graduate School Applications


Deans’ Exception to Policy – Please complete this form and schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in the Feller Center Advising and Career Planning office to discuss your request. Please have supporting documentation ready to present to support your request.  Exception to Policy requests cannot be handled during a drop-in session, you must schedule an appointment. Please follow this link.