Academic Audits

An official academic audit is a way to provide important information to students about their academic progress. An official audit entails a review of degree requirements by the department and by the college and is noted in the student's academic advising record.


An official audit reviews: 

  • Credits earned at the University of Maryland
  • Transfer credits if applicable (including AP, IB, 2-year and 4-year transfer credits)
  • Major requirements completed and remaining
  • General Education requirements completed and remaining
  • Repeated coursework
  • Grade requirements for each course
  • 15 of final 30 credits taken at the 300-400 level
  • Final 30 credits taken at UMD (unless Feller Center - Advising grants exception)
  • Non-applicable transfer courses re-evaluated
  • Pass/fail coursework (12 credits allowed)
  • Credit duplications
  • Internship credits

Academic Audits ensure the student, department and the college are all working with the same information to assist in planning for graduation. 


Academic Advisors review all BSOS students with 75 - 89 credits and complete an official academic audit. Audits occur in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Look out for an audit email from your Department and College Advisors. 

Students planning to study abroad for a full semester or a full year program, are also required to have an academic audit completed. All BSOS students who commit to their abroad program by the study abroad deadline will receive an email with the Department and College Advisors official audit review. If a student goes abroad and commits after the deadline, Department and College Advisors will conduct an audit when signing off on the Study Abroad Course Approval (SACA) form. 


Check your email! Your remaining degree requirements along with any additional advising notes will be emailed to you. We will also post your Academic Audit notes on your TerpEngage portal. You are expected to monitor your own progress on your uAchieve degree audit. Follow up with an Academic Advisor if you have any questions regarding your Academic Audit! 

The audit process does not guarantee that you will graduate. You must complete all required courses and meet all university requirements in order to earn your degree. It is your responsibility to review your registration each semester to ensure that your outstanding requirements for graduation will be met.


Please remember these important policies as you progress toward completing your degree:

  • If you repeat a course where you earned a D- or higher, you do not earn additional credit.
  • If you earned a previous degree, it needs to be verified and it may affect your General Education requirements.
  • No student may graduate with fewer than 120 credits, even if all requirements have been completed.
  • 15 of your final 30 credits must be at the upper level.
  • Your final 30 credits must be completed at UMD.
  • You must earn the minimum grades required in remaining course work.
  • You must earn a 2.0 GPA in all courses used to satisfy your major requirements.
  • You may wish to have your audit reviewed with an Academic Advisor before registering for your final semester.
  • You must apply for your diploma by the 10th day of the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  • You must have a 2.0 GPA or higher in order to be eligible to graduate.