The goal of the Student Academic Success-Degree Completion Policy is to promote undergraduate student success. The policy establishes a structured framework and criteria to guide all students to completion of an undergraduate degree within a reasonable period of time. Read complete information about the Student Academic Success-Degree Completion Policy.

Expectations of Students

As a University of Maryland student, you are an informed and active participant in your education. Therefore, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences expects that you:

  • Know your benchmark/gateway and degree requirements
  • Develop a graduation plan which leads to a timely graduation
  • Complete an academic audit during your junior year
  • Take appropriate actions to remove registration blocks and register on time
  • Adhere to university and college policies and deadlines
  • Take responsibility for your academic actions and decisions

Student Expectations

Academic advisors are committed to assist you in meeting your educational goals. Therefore, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is committed to the following:

  • Introducing you to your benchmark/gateway and degree requirements upon your entrance to a major in the college
  • Providing assistance during academic difficulty
  • Referring you to helpful campus resources as needed
  • Providing information about opportunities to enhance your academic career
  • Providing sample plans for each major to demonstrate how the major can be completed in four years

The College and the Academic Success Policy

In accordance with university policy, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has established the following requirements:

  • Graduation Plans
  • Benchmarks
  • Benchmark Reviews
  • Major Changes

1. What is the purpose of a graduation plan?

  • Helps establish a path to graduation by charting all major, general education (CORE or Gen Ed), and elective courses needed to earn a minimum of 120 credits required to graduate
  • Demonstrates students' understanding of degree requirements for their new major and illustrates the ability to complete the new major in a timely manner

2. Who needs to complete a graduation plan?

  • All new, directly admitted students
  • A block is placed on the students' records. They will not be able to register for second semester courses until completed plans are submitted and approved.
  • All students changing to, or adding a major in, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

3. What are benchmarks?

  • Introductory courses in each major and general education (CORE or Gen Ed) requirements that must be completed within a given timeframe and with the appropriate grades
  • Courses which, upon completion, demonstrate satisfactory progress in a given major
  • Please see the major card and/or department website for your benchmark requirements

4. What do students need to know about benchmark reviews?

  • The college and its academic units evaluate students' transcripts to determine if students have successfully completed benchmark courses within the established timeframe and with the appropriate grades
  • If benchmark courses are met, students will be notified via email and are expected to continue making satisfactory progress toward their major

    If benchmark courses are not met, students:

i. Are notified via e-mail and postal mail
ii. Are dismissed from the major and may not return to the major from which they were dismissed
iii. Will have one semester to select a new major
iv. Will have a one-time opportunity to submit an appeal of their dismissal