What is an official academic audit?

An official academic audit is a way to provide important information to students about their academic progress. An official audit entails  a review of degree requirements by the department and a review by the college and is noted in the student's academic record.

An official audit reviews: 

  • Credits earned at the University of Maryland
  • Transfer credits if applicable (including AP, IB, 2-year and 4-year transfer credits)
  • Major requirements completed and remaining
  • Gen Ed/CORE requirements completed and remaining
  • Repeated coursework
  • Grade requirements for each course
  • 15 of final 30 credits taken at the 300-400 level
  • Final 30 credits taken at UMD (unless BSOS Advising grants exception)
  • Non-applicable courses re-evaluated
  • Pass/fail coursework (12 credits allowed)
  • Credit duplications
  • Internship credits

 Why is it important for you to complete an audit?

  • It gives you a chance to review the courses you have taken to ensure that they have been recorded correctly.
  • It allows you to verify the courses and/or credits you are missing in order to meet graduation requirements.
  • It makes sure that you, your department and the college are all working with the same information.

Who must complete an audit and when?

All BSOS students with 75 - 89 credits must complete an audit. Students in this credit range may also be blocked from registering for the following semester until an official academic audit has been completed and noted on their record.

As part of the study abroad approval process for full semester or full year programs, all BSOS  students will be required to complete an official academic audit.

How do I complete an official academic audit?

You may complete your audit in one of two ways: 

1) In Person

  • First, review your Degree Audit report and complete the Official Audit Worksheet.
  • Next, meet with your department advisor to review major requirements. Take official audit worksheet with you when meeting with your department advisor.
  • Then, meet with a BSOS advisor to review Gen Ed/CORE and university requirements.  Take official audit worksheet and Degree Navigator to your appointment with the BSOS advisor. Here you can schedule an appointment online. 

 2) Online 

Once during each fall, spring, and summer term, for a 2 week period only, the BSOS Advising Office gives access to designated students to complete the audit online. When the online system is closed students must complete the audit in person.