If a current University of Maryland student wishes to take a course at another institution and have that course and its credits transfer back to UMD, that student is required to submit a “Permission to Enroll” (PTE) form. Students must obtain appropriate approval(s) from the college and/or the department. By having the course approved, the form acknowledges:

  1.    The credit is transferable to UMD
  2.    The student is in good academic standing and has permission from UMD to take the course

Please Note: Some institutions, especially Maryland Community Colleges, will require this approved form in order for students to register. Typically, courses are taken during the summer or winter terms. 

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To receive permission to take courses away:

Step 1.    Check the Transfer Course Database to determine which courses transfer and what their course equivalency is.

  • Please note: Be sure to check the start and end dates and all footnotes for a course. Several of the courses have footnotes that could impact the equivalency by either restricting or expanding how the course is accepted by UMD or applied to a student’s major.
  • If the course is not in the database, go to the Transfer Credit Service’s website for information about getting a course evaluated for transfer. A Student must have a course evaluated before submitting a PTE.

Step 2.    Complete the BSOS Permission to Enroll Form Cover Sheet.

  • File can be saved. You can open it with Adobe and type answers directly into the form.
  • Your PTE form will not be approved without the cover sheet attached.

Step 3.    Complete the online Permission to Enroll Form and attach the BSOS Cover Sheet before submitting.

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Permission to take courses away which requires an Exception to Policy:

In certain circumstances students must schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to seek approval for an Exception to Policy before you complete the online PTE Form. These include:

  • Will be enrolling during the Fall or Spring semester while concurrently taking classes at UMD.
  • Will be repeating a course in which you previously received a letter grade at UMD.
  • Will be repeating a course in which you are currently taking and will be receiving a letter grade at UMD.
  • Will be taking a course during the final 30 credits at UMD.

Please schedule an appointment online or call 301-405-1697 for BSOS Advising. Phone appointments are acceptable in most cases.  Approval is neither automatic nor guaranteed.