Kassidy Jacobs Headshot

Intern, U.S. Department of State

Major: GVPT & CCJS

Class Year: 2023

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What was a typical week like in your internship position?

This internship involves researching, writing, editing and interviewing. Majority of the work is conducted independently, but there are weekly meetings to brainstorm ideas and to monitor everyone’s progress. During the week, I conduct research on various diplomats and explore how they exemplify public service by highlighting a specific story. By reading a variety of source material, I pick out the important aspects of a diplomat’s journey and craft pages that will be part of a larger book. These stories are complemented by interviews with each diplomat to receive their insight on what inspired them to pursue public service. At the end of the project, each intern is responsible for at least 15 pages for the book.



What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I enjoy getting to be involved in the creation of the second edition of Profiles in Courage by President John F. Kennedy! It has been amazing to learn from the other members on my team and create a book that will serve to inspire other people to pursue public service careers. I hope to pursue public service in the future, so learning about various diplomats who have served the country has exposed me to different ways to give back to my community. I really enjoy having a long term project that I am genuinely passionate about, while getting to develop my writing skills. 



How has your coursework helped you in your internship?

By pursuing degrees in Government and Politics and Criminal Justice, they have inspired me to work towards a career in public service. By writing essays about inequality in the criminal justice system or researching religious freedoms around the world, my courses have given me an understanding of societal issues and the ability to create cohesive papers. 


How did you locate your internship position?

I found my internship through the Virtual Student Federal Service. This program is a great way to get involved with the federal government for a year long project! Applications open every July and you are able to pick three projects that you would be interested in working on. 



Advice for students:

For the internship search, my biggest advice is to pursue an internship that you are passionate about. Internships are a way for you to learn about potential career paths, but they in no way have to be definitive! It’s okay to learn what you don’t like from a workplace or to decide you want to go in a totally different direction. You are not bound to stay in one subject area just because you have previously done an internship in that space!



Anything else you want to share with students about your experience?

While rejections can feel painful, you have to trust the work that you have done to get to this point and be genuine in your interests. Comparing yourself to other applicants is counterproductive because everyone has had a different journey to get to where they are in life! A rejection from a position is in no way indicative of your future in that field; it just means there is a better position for you where you will feel more appreciated!