Follow the steps below based on your appointment topic:

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GEOG Fair with students talking to employers

Resume or Cover Letter Review

Review these tips for your resume/cover letter and complete the Resume Basics module prior to your appointment. 

  • In-person: Please bring a printed copy to the appointment. 
  • Virtual: You may share it during the appointment, upload it here, or email it to the staff member ahead of time, please note your appointment time/date. 
Career Decision making circle

Explore Career Options

Review the these resources and consider where you are on the Career Decision Making circle. Questions to consider prior to the appointment:

  • What have you determined you are not interested in pursuing?
  • Do you have any current interests you would like to learn more about?
  • Would like to gain experience in your career area of interest?
  • Are there any barriers you need help to overcome? 
Internship photo

Internship Search

Review these tips for how to get started. Questions to consider and share during the appointment:

  • What experiences would I like to gain?
  • Do I have an interest area?
  • Do I need academic credit for the internship? 
  • Do I have an interest area in mind, but need help finding an opening? 
employer talking to student at a fair

Interviewing Preparation

If you have an upcoming interview, please be prepared to share your resume and the position description you will be interviewing for with the staff member. These tips will be shared during the appointment. Follow the instructions below for the type of appointment you are interesting in having. 

Mock Interview: Email your resume, the job description, and the appointment time you have reserved to the staff member you will be meeting with and request a mock interview. This means that during the meeting you will be the interviewee and the staff member will act as the interviewer for the first 15-20 minutes of the appointment, followed by a debrief. 

General Interview Prep: Just interested in learning what typically occurs during an interview? Just bring your questions and a staff member will walk you through the process. 

career fair people talking

Networking Options

Bring your networking questions to the appointment! Consider the points below before your appointment. 

  • Consider what your networking goals are. To learn more about the field? 
  • What steps have you already taken? 
  • Have you registered for Terrapins Connect or attended career-related events in the past?
  • Would you like to learn how to make your LinkedIn connections work for you? 
Terp is hired

Job Search

Consider the questions below and share your responses during the appointment. 

  • Do you have a career area of interest?
  • What steps have you taken to get started? 
  • Are there parts of the job search that you have questions about?
  • What search strategies have you already implemented? 
  • Have you updated your Handshake account to share your interest with employers? 
students on campus

Graduate School Preparation

If you are just starting to think about graduate school, bring your questions to the appointment and review these tips

If you would like a review of your personal statement, resume, etc., please be ready to share it with the Career Planning Advisor during the meeting. 

  • In-person: Please bring a printed copy
  • Virtual: You may share it during the appointment or email it to the staff member ahead of time, please note your appointment time/date. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you with resources to achieve your career planning goals! Prior to your appointment, please complete the following steps based on your appointment type to make the most of your time with the Feller Center's Career Planning staff member.

In-person appointments will check in with their UID's in Tydings 2148. Virtual appointments will receive meeting information via email. Contact the Feller Center front desk if you have an issue at 301-405-1697. 

If you suspect you are sick in any way, even with mild illness, please cancel or reschedule this appointment through TerpEngage.


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