Today’s workplace is global, multi-ethnic, and intergenerational. It is composed of people from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, representing broad spectra of socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, and political leaning. Your capacity to work in a diverse environment represents an important consideration for employers. Review more resources offered by the University Career Center to help you locate organizations who share your values and respect the diverse perspective you bring to the workforce!

Resources for Identifying Organizations who Value Diversity


International Affairs- Diversity & Inclusion Resource Guide

Internship programs designed specifically with students of color in mind.

Opportunities for Multi-ethnic Students, NSO

Scholarship & Fellowship: Options for students based on social identity, academic interest, etc. 

First-Gen Terps, campus resource suggestions by class year

Red line

Bring your whole self to work!

Transfer Students

Graduate Students

International Students

Undocumented Students

LGBT Students

Multi-ethnic Students  

Students with Disabilities