Many federal agencies offer internship and volunteer positions for current students to experience their work environment. Review the sample listing below to start exploring and planning your application for agencies of interest. 

Intelligence Community Student Programs

Federal Agencies Internship Opportunity Bank

USAJOBS offers a listing of current internships. Intelligence agencies require an application deadline of up to one year before the intended start of the internships because of the security clearance required, so plan accordingly.

CIA: General Internship, Co-op and Graduate Studies opportunities. Apply about 12 months prior to the summer you would like to start work. 

Defense Intelligence Agency: Applications are available for the Defense Intelligence Agency Summer Internship Program. This program provides current college students and recent graduates with the opportunity to gain practical work experience through research, report writing, briefing development and delivery, policy writing and intelligence analysis.

DOD: high quality programs for students, graduates and professionals are: Pathways Programs

The Department of Homeland Security: offers a variety of prestigious scholarships, fellowships, internships and training opportunities to expose talented students to the broad national security mission.

 U.S. Department of State Student Internship Program (paid)- All our internships and fellowships provide opportunities to gain experience and insight into the business of diplomacy as our employees work to advance U.S. interests worldwide. Pathways Program (paid), enable students to obtain job experience in a foreign affairs environment. 

Virtual Student Federal Service: U.S. citizen college students can make a real difference in the work of the U.S. government through the Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS). VSFS harnesses the expertise and digital excellence of U.S. citizen students to move the work of their government forward on multiple fronts. 

FBI: Ten-week paid internship. The Summer Honors Internship Program seeks undergraduate (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior), graduate, or post-doctorate student. Students are not eligible if they will graduate before the program start date; exceptions are permitted to students continuing their education in the semester immediately following. Closes mid to late Sept. Review application tips

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Summer options. 

Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program, operated by the Partnership for Public Service, is recruiting young talent to join the federal workforce in support of two agencies as a summer intern. The program places students with critically needed skills into paid internships and aims to develop a diverse pool of young  talent for these agencies. In order to apply to the program, candidates must be:

  • U.S. citizens at the time of application submission.  
  • Currently enrolled at an accredited educational institution in an undergraduate or graduate program. Undergraduates must be current second-year students/sophomores and above.  
  • Able to demonstrate “superior academic achievement” and have a GPA above 3.0. 
  • Interested in at least one of the following career tracks:
    • Mission support. Ideal for students with backgrounds in finance, human resources and information technology.
    • Government contracting and acquisitions. Ideal for students focusing on federal contracting and acquisitions, or pursuing a business degree in subjects like finance.
    • STEM and innovation.  Ideal for students majoring in the fields of science and health, technology, engineering, math, or interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.
    • Public policy and administration. Ideal for students interested in public policy and administration.
    • Liberal arts. Ideal for students studying communications, arts, humanities and social sciences.


  • Federal Semester is open to students from all majors, on an application basis. This year-long program combines a fall academic seminar with a spring internship. Students select one of the following concentrations: Health Policy, Homeland Security Policy, Energy and Environmental Policy. If you are interested in applying to the Foreign Policy concentration, go to: Global Semester in Washington, D.C.
  • START fosters a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment to create a team that meets the needs of the homeland security enterprise and trains the next generation of scholars and practitioners.

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