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Use this information as a place to start exploring your career interests. Review additional resources below and on the Feller Center's website. 

Explore Career Areas

Use the sample work areas (mentioned above) to start exploring career paths. The links below provide a short overview of the positions.

Resources: Career Planning 

Explore career path options with these resources:

Skills Developed: NEUR Major

Skills lead to jobs. Which skills do you possess?

  • Assess your skills, abilities, interests, and values and explore how they relate to career options.
  • Complete this skills inventory to get started.

Sample list of skills developed in class by Neuroscience majors:

  • Communication skills
  • Content in neuroscience and related disciplines
  • Critical thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Research methods
  • Scientific approach to solving problems
Linkedin Learning

Add to your skills with LinkedIn Learning's skill based videos. 

Gain Experience

Sample list of opportunities

Other Options:

Start with these steps

Tips for examining post bac programs  

Start researching your career path of interest to identify the educational requirements. The resources below offer a brief overview of some graduate degree programs.

What Can You Do With a PhD in Neuroscience? For those with PhD in neuroscience, there is an opportunity to shape the lives of future doctors and make medical breakthroughs that could cure neurological disorders. They will gain the skills and education needed to become neuroscientists and natural sciences managers. Acquiring a PhD typically takes 5-7 years

Sample job titles: 

  • Research scientists 
  • Neuroscientists 
  • Medical writers 
  • Neurosurgeons 
  • Natural sciences managers 

Graduate School Resources: Researching programs:

Application tips:

Learn about the licensing process:

Pre-Health Interests: The Reed-Yorke Health Professionals Advising Office works with all current UMD students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in the health profession.

  • Pre-Health Interest areas to explore.
  • Clinical opportunities and resources for gaining clinical, volunteer, research experience and so much more.
  • The HPAO shares important information about events, volunteer opportunities, advising, and more! To Subscribe: Send an email to; Leave the subject line blank; In text area write: Subscribe premedadvising + your name

Shell Cast- Medical Shadowing, led by UMD students. We started ShellCast as a vehicle for students to gain clinical hours despite a pandemic restricting access to traditional shadowing experiences. Gaining valuable clinical experience in a Covid world has become incredibly difficult, we aim to simplify it. Youtube videos

PSYC Internship Directory with UMD campus photo in the background

This is a directory of internship sites that provide great industry experience for Psychology & Neuroscience majors. They are sorted by subfield in the tabs at the top of this page. 

Build Connections

After researching career paths, consider talking with people working in your field of interest to gain inside information. The links below provide sample events where you may be able to meet professionals in your field of interest. Use these opportunities to learn more about your field of interest, establish new networking contacts, and informational interviews.

Consider reviewing state and national related associations to access career path information.

Interested in joining an organization as a student?

Nu Rho Si is the only nationally-recognized honor society in the area of brain research. Review summer internship openings