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The University of Maryland Environmental Sciences & Policy major graduates have been successful in many different post-graduation fields. Environmental science is the science of the interactions between the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment, including their effects on all types of organisms but more often refers to human impact on the environment.

Using information from the University of Maryland graduation survey, we have compiled information about ENSP majors, such as where they work or go to graduate school post-graduation. Check out the topics below to learn more about planning for your career!

Review additional resources on the Feller Center's webpage.

Start Exploring Career Titles

Use the sample job and internship titles (mentioned above) to start exploring career paths. The links below provide a short overview of the positions. Review more career areas related to this major as well as tips to succeed. 

Employer Spotlight: Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

Resources: Career Planning 

Need help finding a starting place for planning for your career? Below are a variety of online resources for careers in the Environmental fields.

UMD Panels: 

Sustainability Career Panel

Careers in Public Policy


Earth Science Jobs Vault Guide

For students making career choices, this guide offers a wealth of helpful information and resources. Read about more career options on FirstHand's Industry Guides

Market Skills Developed: ENSP Major

Skills lead to jobs. Which skills do you possess?

  • Assess your skills, abilities, interests, and values and explore how they relate to career options.
  • Skills inventory - get started identifying your unique assets.

ENSP majors have skills in…

  • Summarize research findings
  • Perceive patterns & structures
  • Apply concepts
  • Apply knowledge creatively
  • Use laboratory equipment
  • Technical writing
  • Written & Oral Reporting
  • Analyze data
  • Evaluate data and results
  • Gather information
  • Assess risks
  • Computer literacy
  • Inform and explain
  • Attention to details
  • Applying logic to problems
  • Utilizing formulas
  • Define problems
  • Precision and accuracy
Linkedin Learning

Add to your skills with LinkedIn Learning's skill based videos. 

Gain Experience

Sample list of opportunities: Start your search with these tips 

ENSP Department suggests:

Prepare to applyTips to customize your resume, cover letter, etc. 

Federal government internships - links to openings and application tips

Many federal agencies advertise positions on USAJOBs. They code positions related to the environment using the USAJOBs Occupational series below. Use the advance search section on USAJOBS to locate current openings in the series below.

Use the USAJOBs Occupational series: to help with your search  in USAJOBs

  • Environmental Engineering Series*** ........0819
  • Environmental Health Technician Series** .....0698
  • Environmental Protection Assistant Series.....0029
  • Environmental Protection Specialist Series*.....0028
  • Geography Series*....0150

Federal, State, & Local Government Career Paths 

Political internships are no longer just for political science majors; the experience would benefit students within all majors.  It is an excellent networking opportunity as well as hard evidence on a resume that the student can work in a fast paced environment.  Students also build communication, written, and interpersonal skills.

Guide to Political Jobs and Internships

Sample Internship Opportunities

  • White House InternshipsApproximately 100 interns are chosen each spring, summer, and fall to participate in this program. The assignments given to an intern on any given day could include: conducting research, managing incoming inquiries, attending meetings, writing memos, and staffing events.
  • Senate Personal officeRepresentative’s offices usually have 8-10 employees. Interns work on a variety of projects, usually feels more intimate or cramped. Reach out by state.
  • Senate CommitteesMost of the legislative action occurs in committees. Review the committees and express interest to the respective Senators.
  • Leadership office: Republicans and Democrats of the House and Senate elect leaders to set agendas, organize parties, etc. that receives a separate staff. Very competitive to obtain an internship, because there is only a hand full of offices like this and the leaders are high profile.

You can also sign up for biweekly email alerts of available internships in the House of Representatives.


Build Connections

After researching career paths, consider talking with people working in your field of interest to gain inside information. The links below provide sample events where you may be able to meet professionals in your field of interest. Use these opportunities to learn more about your field of interest, establish new networking contacts, and informational interviews.

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