FALL 2023 UPDATES: Faculty/Staff

In addition to directly supporting students, the Feller Center's Career Planning team collaborates with BSOS faculty and staff to develop career ready graduates.  Contact Crystal Sehlke, Fishlinger Director of Career Planning in the Feller Center, by email (csehlke@umd.edu) to learn more.

Upcoming Career Planning Events for BSOS Students (share with your students)

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BSOS Career Planning Metrics

Career Planning Audit

Each undergraduate BSOS student will receive the Career Planning Audit when they reach 75-89 academic credits. The Audit consists of a self-reported inventory that produces customized recommendations to help each BSOS student progress through their career development. The Career Planning Audit will be part of the existing BSOS Academic Audit, highlighting the connection between academic and career planning preparation.

Graduation Survey Career Outcomes for BSOS Undergraduate Majors

The University Career Center tracks the initial destinations of UMD grads through the Graduation Survey which is administered to bachelor’s degree recipients for each graduation cohort.  The survey captures career-related outcomes, as well as data on participation in co-curricular activities during graduates’ tenure at the University of Maryland. The report covers August 2021, December 2021, and May 2022 graduates.

Career Presentation: Alumni/Employer/Staff Led 

The Feller Center Career Planning staff lead short presentations on almost any career related topic of your choosing for BSOS core classes. We focus on helping students see how their in class learning is making them more marketable for post-graduation opportunities. Get Started.

The Feller Center also has a growing list of alumni and employers who are open to visiting classes. Students love to hear how their in-class learning applies to the alum's field of work, so this 20-30 minute interaction can be very impactful. Request more information about this option from Crystal Sehlke, csehlke@umd.edu. 

Marketing Materials  |  Stay Informed 

Inform your students how crucial gaining out of the classroom experiences are to define their career interests as well as the positive effect they have on post-graduation ​opportunities with the marketing materials below. 


Tips for Advisors/Staff:

Stay Informed:

  • Sign up for the BSOS Career Planning monthly email to stay informed. Share related events with your classes or during student meetings.  
  • Join the BSOS LinkedIn group