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The College of Behavioral & Social Sciences is dedicated to enhancing international relations, encouraging global sustainability, understanding societies and cultures, and improving the human condition. BSOS encourages students to explore themes of globalization in their studies and extracurricular activities, and prides itself on providing opportunities for students to travel, explore the world and engage with a diverse spectrum of individuals and cultures.

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You will gain a deeper understanding and respect for your host country and see your own country through a new lens.  Studying abroad can expand your understanding of the world and give you different views of international affairs, from politics to economics to social issues.  The earlier you start making your study abroad plans the more options you will have.  Review these general advising guidelines when planning education abroad.


Send photos of your experience so we can share them here! (Include your name, major, your Education Abroad program and the location of the photos; legal photos only)

Health and Safety Information for Students Going Abroad Independently (Includes links to State Department international travel website, information for women travelers, UMD Health Center's International Travel Clinic and more)