Many employers (particularly government agencies) offering internships to students require that the student have an official from their college or university sign forms giving the student permission to engage in the internship, warranting that they are a student in good standing, and/or making other guarantees. 

If you need such forms, think about what course you would enroll in if you wanted to earn academic credit for the internship.  This should guide you in knowing whether to ask your department or college internship coordinator for assistance. 

  • They will need you to fill out your personal information on the forms before you present them. 
  • Please provide your UID also, as well as permission to review your record, as the reviewer will always need to determine you are a student in good standing, and occasionally that your proposed internship is related to your studies. 

Either departmental or college staff can usually sign internship-related forms, but occasionally they will direct you to the Office of the Registrar.  For general questions about internship-related forms, please contact Liza Lebrun, Assistant Director for Internships & Experiential Learning.

Email for assistance with FBI certification forms, required for the summer FBI internship application.