Education and career preparation in Foreign Policy, National Security, International Development, Conflict Management, and Global Affairs has never been more relevant or more timely. Located just a few Metro stops from downtown Washington, D.C., the University of Maryland is home to innovative International Relations (IR) programs, courses, faculty, research projects, and events.

Studying IR at Maryland means exploring the politics and political economy of cross-border interactions, including the determinants of foreign policy behavior. The new IR concentration, under the government & politics major, is ideal for students who are interested in exploring the causes of war, the workings of international organizations, the complexities of international negotiations, and the politics of foreign economic policy and economic development.  

At the University of Maryland, students have a front-row seat to IR through:

  • Courses and research opportunities with outstanding IR faculty who are addressing the world's most challenging problems.
  • Advisors who help you create a customized curriculum that matches your interests and career goals.
  • Internships where you gain industry-specific IR experience and make professional contacts.
  • Study abroad through IR programs around the world.
  • Professional preparation for future jobs or for graduate school admission.

Through policy-relevant research and hands-on experiential learning opportunities, IR students and faculty are working toward a more peaceful and secure world.

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